Monday, July 8, 2013

Chocolate Mochi!

Hi Guys,

Apologies for the absence of Movie Monday this week..I did watch Lone Ranger but really it's really below my expectations and *sigh* I don't want to waste my breath talking about it! But, don't be sad here I show you something really amaayyyzinnnggg!

This is Bourbon chocolate mochi, I first encounter this when I was in Japan. I was in the 7/11 looking for japanese sweets to snack and see this..I'm always like intrigued by something matcha flavour and or something mochi so when I saw this, it's just right up my alley! I'm a bit hesitant at first, to be honest seeing the packaging and think about it that they're boxed mochi the first impression is they are not going to taste right and fresh and nice and the mochi will probably dried up and most probably the matcha chocolate taste cheap and plastic-ky ( little that I know I should not underestimate Japanese sweets ever!) Anyway, seeing the price (I remember it's around 100-200yen) not so expensive so what the heck i just try one box.

Being a greedy sweet tooth of me of course I bought the other things I found interesting in the shop and totally forget to eat this until the last day I was waiting in the boarding room (which is one of the most hateful thing to do in my opinion) and start eating this and are the most moist, delicious, not too sweet, gummy, yummy, soft, bouncy, mochi with a very yummy, delicious, milky, matcha flavored chocolate!!! I totally regret that I didn't eat this earlier! If I did I swear to chocolate mochi heaven I'm going to stock up like hell!

BUT hold and behold! Two weeks ago, I went to Isetan supermarket and I found this!!!!! SO HAPPY! I swear they didn't sell this before! It $5.20 here too expensive I think since I remember in Japan it didn't cost more than 2$! But still okay totally worth my 5$..I have eaten 3 boxes ever since and this is my last one :'(  Each box comes with two small packets of four balls..So total 8 balls in one box :( I wish they have more inside like 16 or 20 balls..that would be amazing lol!

This is how it looks like, like the picture on the box it really have 3 layers..first is the mochi, then a fat matcha chocolate inside and then there is this sad dollop of (I suppose) melted matcha cream. The third layer doesn't really exist but it doesn't matter coz these two layers are amazing (i know, i know i said amazing like a thousand times already, but seriously!) Judging from my picture I think, you will think "girl, what bouncy heck you talkin' about" but seriously that sweet layer of mochi is really yummy and gummy..please pick them up and try if you found this anywhere! They're just soooo good! Hehehe nobody paying me to blog about this (although it would be awesome if there is! somebody please sponsor me already!!!) it's just me sharing a good, not so expensive chocolate mochi ever exist..

Last pic before I off my singing bone hello kitty my hubby get for me (God knows how crazy people over this black kitty and how hard it was to get them, if you don't live in Singapore google all the craze and mind will be blown by how far people would go for a merchandise! Btw, love you and thankyou hubs :*)

Ciao :*

Monday, July 1, 2013

Movie Monday: White House Down

Hi Guys,

This week movie review is interesting, who have watched White House Down and Olympus Has Fallen?? Gosh, it's cray cray similar! I don't know who rip who, but clearly somebody's rippin' somebody here!

Same idea, same location, similar characters and similar villains..If these movies are human, they're definitely twins! The story basically is about terrorists attack to the white house. I've done a post for Olympus has fallen before so I feel a bit redundant to bring it up again, so here is a quick run thru for the white house down and later on I'm going to list up how crazy similar these two are.. (as always, spoilers ahead)

Story begins slow and boring (align with their poster campaign tag "It will start like any other day", you can google that yourself) showing us the normal activity of all the characters..John Cale (Channing Tatum), a US Capitol Officer have been looking for an opportunity to be in Secret Service. By the help of a friend, he finally land an interview with secret service agent Carol Finnerty (Maggie Gyllenhaal) in the white house and get an extra pass to the white house for his politic obsessed daughter Emily. After failing the interview, he and Emily decide to join the white house tour..

The attack begins when a bomb exploded in the capitol building (it looks epic, no?!), Martin Walker (the head of secret service) conduct a white house lockdown which means closing off white house from the inside, nobody can go in or go out. This lockdown separates John and Emily who went to the toilet by herself. Meanwhile the janitor undercover terrorists take down the white house one room after another, killing all the secret service inside the buildings and of course make the tourists as their hostages..I'm not really sure how many people work in white house in daily basis (I'm sure there's a lot) but in the movie it looks like there's nobody except a handful of secret service agents, a few of security guards, the tourists and a few of the ministers in one of the room. 

John Cale, desperately want to get her daughter successfully escape from the terrorists and  go to the first floor toilet where Emily went (of course, she's not there anymore), Emily bravely wander around the white house and manage to record some of terrorists face and upload it to her youtube channel!

After hearing gunshots inside the white house, Martin Walker decide to take the president (Jamie Foxx) to the safety bunker in the basement and the president trusting him and let him guide them there..From this point, I think everybody kinda get the idea that this guy is one of the villains (they did put his motives from the beginning, his son was killed in the middle east)..and yes of course when they reach the bunker, Martin shot everybody except the President..

Lucky for Mr. President, John Cale who is suppose to find his daughter safe him from that evil traitor Martin Walker..from here it's basically how John Cale playing die hard all around white house and protecting the president..

Well this movie is not bad (Man of Steel still like way worst than this, sorry to say). I must say the action is there, mix with humor here and there (most come from the president), pretty enjoyable movie if you don't mind die hard characters..I'm just quite annoyed by the fact that this movie is inspired by Olympus Has Fallen (again, no idea who copy who but this come more later than Olympus) and  I just can't stop comparing the two..

Omygosh this post is going to be grandmother nag long but I can't take it, I need to go through the similarities of White House Down and Olympus Has Fallen:
1. Main character: One and only surviving Secret Service Agent, John Cale vs Mike Banning. The different is John is a secret service wannabe and Mike was actually in the secret service until some incident happens (jic you didn't watch Olympus, pls go to my review if you wanna know more, i got you covered ;))

2. Second main character: The President of USA..The different is Jamie Foxx is lucky enough John save him quite early in the movie and the president can get into action with him. The Olympus president was kept as hostage to the end until Mike Banning save him..

3. Both movie include kid in it.The different is in WHD the kid is John's daughter and in OHF the kid is the president's son..both trapped inside the white house..

4. The location: White House (Look at these two pictures! Even the choper is in the same spot! Of course WHD have to put Channing Tatum's front side coz he's just too yummy!! hehehe)

5. Villains: Both have the evil bastard inside backstabber/traitor. WHD's traitor is white house head of security and OHF's traitor is one of the secret service. 

6. Both of the vice president were killed in the movie (WHD's vice president killed after a missile hit the Air Force One and OHF's vice president if I'm not wrong was shot)

7. Which leaves us to the next similarity, Mr. Speaker of the USA is now the acting president. WHD's Mr.Speaker is actually the twist ending this movie gave (yup, he's one of the villain) and OHF's Mr.Speaker is a protagonist..
Okay 7 similarities, I'm done!

One thing I really like from this movie is agent Carol Finnerty ( Maggie Gyllenhaal ), I always like her..There's something about her that makes her very nice to see..she's not straight pretty (like Miranda Kerr for example) but she have this charisma, persona, elegance and something ladylike that make her so beautiful to me..

This weekend guys! So excited for thisss!!!