Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Expat Chicks goes Prawning!

Hi Guys!!

As you may know (or not) I live in Singapore, and we all know how big Singapore is (ya I know it's pretty small), sometimes I get bored with the normal activities like watching movies, hunting for new eating place or hanging out in the mall (FYI, there are a lot of emerging nice shopping malls in Singapore, no not in Orchard..Singapore is not all about Orchard you know ;)) so a few weeks ago me, hubby and a few of his friends went..Prawning!

I never went prawning before so I don't really know what to expect, I just know that prawning is something like fishing and fishing is just not my cup of tea..I just don't have the patient to wait for the fishes to come and eat my bait..

But yeah, that night we're pretty bored, having dinner at home and one of his friends whose a regular prawner (don't even know if this word even exists!) suggested we go prawning so I thought why not..

So this is how a prawning place look like! They have
quite a lot of these pools..
Non refundable, but if you get bored in the 2nd hour,
can go back next time just bring the receipt..
Prepare dry and wet to wipe your hands after putting the bait on the rod..coz the bait is pretty disgusting x_x
(Nope, that's not me) But here, you can see quite a lot of girls enjoy this activity too!

After one hour not getting any prawn, I give up and just
put my rod in the bamboo like that..
Finally!!!! FIRST PRAWN So happy and so proud LOL

After almost 2 hours, I finally get another one..
My friend's basket compared to my sad basket :(

After prawning, we get to bbq our catch..don't forget
to take the salts from the cashier..
Wishy washy all the prawns and put them in the stick
for easy bbq later on..

Sprinkle them with salt and ready to bbq..
Charcoal grilled for about 8-12mins..
And tadaaa! The fresh salted bbq prawns..(honestly they didnn't taste good lol). My point is,  prawning is quite fun,
please give them a try if you're bored or looking for new activities in the weekends..Who knows you might get addicted ;)

Ciao :*

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