Monday, September 2, 2013

Movie Monday: The Internship

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Long time no movie monday! I know right! I miss writing a movie post as well, but lately there are no good enough movie to review. The last movie I watched worth reviewing is The Conjuring! It's so scary but gooood..but the idea of posting ghost pictures in my blog is just not going to happened haha..

So, yesterday my husband forced me to watch The Internship..honestly my opinion about watching funny movies in cinema first is a waste of money and second all the funny segments have been put in the trailer so no point watching them and third there are no special effect or some sort so it's totally not worth watching in cinema better in blue ray or download? So I'm super reluctant to watch this but halfway thru the movie I start to enjoy it..

The Internship

The story is about 2 old school salesman Nick (Owen Wilson) and Billy (Vince Vaughn), who lose their job because the company decided to computerized their system so they didn't need human to go sales door to door anymore. Lost and confused because their job is all they know, not to mention in despair Billy try to find some job over the internet until he got them an internship at Google..

The overall movie experience is 6.5 out of 10, half way through the movie is pretty dreary and the storyline is pretty stereotype and predictable but I managed to (let's say) pull out a few lessons along the way..

The Internship Lesson#1: No matter how old you are, you can always learn new things..
Nick and Billy is old school and so much older compared to the other interns, they belong to the 80's and not technology literal but when they scored the internship in Google (thanks to their out of the box answer during the interview and their age [google is open for diversity]) they meet new people, they're exposed to a new world they don't even know and managed to learn along the way and even inspire people who despised them at first..

The Internship movie Lesson#2: You can always learn something from people, no matter how old, how young, whatever ethnicity they are, male, female, the point is if you want to see something good in somebody you can learn from them.
In the beginning of the internship, all the interns have to form a team of 5 and team who win the most challenge will get the full time job. As predicted, nobody wants to be team with Billy and Nick and these other kids, the Asian, the Indian?, and the white they're forced to be team. They started pretty bad as a team mate but Billy quickly act like a leader and bring the team together. In the end, they learn so much more than anybody in the other team because of their background diversity and of course real life experience Billy and Nick have..

The Internship Rose Bryn Lesson#3: "You don't want to wakeup with regret on your calendar in the morning"
(Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong with the exact quote) This is what Nick say when he's trying to ask the beautiful Google Executive Dana (Rose Bryne). Of course, finally she say yes..It's quite true, whatever you want to do just do it, as long as it's a good thing, just go for it..

The Internship Graham Lesson#4: You won't get far by becoming a bully or the bad guy
Graham, a very ambitious intern keep bullying Nick and Billy since the start. He even bully his own team member because he's fat. In the end as we all know this character won't win even if they look like they are at first..

As predicted (I told you, this movie is predictable) Billy's team won and they got the full time job..

And now, I tell you what I have been dying to watch!
Gravity the movie

Ciao :*

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