Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Movie Monday: Gravity

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Long time no see! I've not been in cinema for quite some times, because the movie these days are just blah..but! It's starting to get better, one by one, good movie start to show up. Starting with Gravity..
Just a warning, super spoilers ahead if you haven't watched and don't mind then read along. But if you mind, go watch then come back pretty please see if we think alike..Or if you don't feel like watching this basically one location and a few cast movie but you wanna know sort of like what happen then read along, I promise I get you filled up..


First of all, let me just say kudos for whoever make the trailer for this movie. It's freakin' nerve wrecking and depressing..I admit my nerves are wrecked just by watching the makes me feel horrid, coz you know in space once you flew you're basically gone..

Story begins with Dr. Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock) who is on her first ever space mission trip, repairing a telescope something..something..(I don't really quite get what is she trying to repair LOL) on the satellite. On the mission with her, there's a few other people one of them is a veteran astronauts Matt Kowalski (George Clooney) who is on his last space mission. In the time of happening, he was using some kind of machine that allows him to drive (walk?) around the space (Oh for god's sake let me google what the thing called first!). Okay, the thing is called Manned Maneuvering Uniwhich allowed the astronauts to sort of moving in space..The reason why I need to mention this is because this MMU will come in handy later on..

After a warning from Houston that there might be a satellite debris happening due to a chain reaction caused by Russian missile attack to their own dysfunctional satellite, they have to pack up and move to a safer location. But satellite debris come faster than warning, the explorer got hit even before they have the chance to get in. Dr. Stone found herself free falling in space (quite scary if you ask me!)

After a while of twirling in space, lost of connection with Houston and Kowalski and a lot of panicking later, Kowalski finally answer to Stone's desperate calls and ask her location. I don't really know how Kowalksi know where Stone is just by her information that she can see the Russian satellite shuttle from where she is, probably he is a veteran and he knows space so well? But he did find her (fiuh!) Why he can find her is because he's riding the MMU (lucky him! or else he will be lost in space and the end for the movie).


After Kowalski get Stone, they go back to the Explorer and found that they are the only survivors and that the Explorer is totally damaged. They planned to hike (ya, I particularly remember Kowalksi say hike, I thought it's kinda weird he use the word hike) to the Russian shuttle and use their pod to go back to earth.
Their plan went smoothly they hike to the Russian shuttle smoothly, the problem happen when landing.
Let's just say they crashed to it and they can't grip anything at all (all scene you see from trailer). You know what happen next, Stone's feet got tangled with cables and two lives hanging by the loose cables..

The next thing happen is just so sad, I feel like it's Titanic all over again and I cried (almost sob T_T ) Kowalksi asked Stone to let go of him because the cables are not strong enough to sustain both of them.
It's like "Let Go!" and "No, I got you I got you" and "No you must let go" and "I'll come and get you" things like that..and it's just so sad..

Stone finally let go after promising Kowalksi that she'll make it inside the Russian air lock and go back to earth.

After this, it's mainly Stone's adventure to go back to earth. Of course, it's not smooth at all..
There's just something wrong all the time. First, after she get in to the airlock the shuttle caught fire and
she must escape by launching the pod from the shuttle..After she successfully launch it guess what happen next? The parachute got tangled with the shuttle body so that the pod cannot go anywhere. She then bravely go outside and detached the parachute only to find another debris come her way! Cut long dramatic scene short the pod finally detached from the shuttle BUT it ran out of fuel! God damnit I mean it's like a bunch of unfortunate event series happening to her! After a serious attempt of desperation, she thinks there's no way out and she choose to turn off the oxygen level and just sleep her way to death.

When the oxygen gets lower, hallucination of Kawolski came and reminded her of one little thing she could do to help her get out of space! She wakes up, on the oxygen and the engine and succesfully made it to her next stop Tiangong the chinese shuttle. After a few bumpy attempts to launch the chinese pod she finally succeed and go back to earth.

I really enjoy this movie, and let me just take a sentence here to say how AMAZING Sandra in this movie! She totally shine! Clooney not so much as he's gone lost in space halfway in the movie so I can't say much about him. Bottomline, this movie is breath taking, heart pumping in the first half and then the suspense pretty much goes downhill after Stone got herself in the pod..I'll rate this movie 4 of 5 and give Sandra Bullock a 10 coz she's just that amazing she just proof herself to the world she's not just a drama/comedy romantic stars but she can pull suspense and action too!

Hope you enjoy this long (hopefully not boring) review of Gravity and see you in the next one!
Next, I'm excited about...

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