Monday, June 24, 2013

Movie Monday: World War Z

Heloooow guys!!

I'm so excited to blog about this! Finally a movie which from the beginning to the end successfully keep me (and my husband) on the edge of the chair! The suspense and tense is just non stop I tell you! If you haven't watched, please go and watch're so going to enjoy it and totally worth every penny of your bucks! If you haven' t watched and you wanna have a pure experience, leave this post and read my other movie posts BUT pwease come back to this post after you watched..and if you don't mind I taint your watching experience then read away..

I love the smooth plot through out, there's no forcing of weird/not make sense/too much/over the top scenes that make you roll your eyes or shake your head..the shocking elements feel so real and really good, soo good they give me (and hubby) anxiety (sometimes during the movie when the anxiety is too much we hold hands so that if the shocking scene comes we can squeeze each other hands haha)! So dorky!

The story is about a bacteria outbreak that makes people who infected by it turn into zombie within seconds and bite other people and turn them into zombies too and finally it became zombie outbreak!!

Gerry Lane (Brad Pitt) is a retired United Nation investigator was with his family when the zombie apocalypse started, they somehow survived the sudden attack and hide in a building until helicopter come to save them..

His former boss in United Nation offered his family a place in a safe navy war ship in exchange of him going out to the outbreak to investigate on how all this happened and hoping he can help to find the answer to end the zombie war.

He started the journey in Camp Humphreys in South Korea, where the outbreak first detected...With the information given from an ex CIA guy imprisoned there and with the help of remaining survived soldiers (insert a super tense zombies attack here), Gerry went to Jerusalem where the ex CIA guy had  told him that the city is safe because they seal themselves off before the outbreak and they probaby know what's goin' on..

He's right Jerusalem is pretty safe, they seal the city and they have walls to seperate them from the outside world but not completely, they still open doors for human survivors from outside the walls. This is what it looks like outside..hungry zombies trying to get in especially after the survivors inside the wall happily singing and dancing to celebrate their survival. Little that they know zombies attracted to sounds and little that they know they're singing to their own death..Cut long story short the zombies build a zombie tree and successfully climb their way in..Clearly after this the only song they sing is zooombie zoombie ie ie the cranberries..

Another super intense running away from zombies after Jerusalem is under attack and at this point like every other country in the world, Jerusalem is no longer safe, Jerusalem is gone people..Gerry and his new bff (the girl soldier on the left, btw she got bitten by zombie but Gerry "save" her by spontaneously cut chop her hand off!) luckily escape from the zombie mess by hitching on a plane. But Brad Pitt is a zombie magnet yall! no place is safe zombies are everywhere, one of the passenger got bitten by zombie and as you can guess the whole plane is turning outside down in no time.

Gerry, desperately want to live (d'oh), threw grenade to the zombies and crashed the plane down. But ofcourse he and his bff survived (they tied themselves super tight in the chair with seatbelts) and guess where they crash landed? The place where Gerry supposed to go World Health Organization research building!


Gerry after going around the world witnessing and surviving the zombies, concludes that zombies somehow do not attracted/bite sick people and volunteer himself to be injected with virus to test his theory. But the problem is all the virus and bacteria were kept in the other wing full of zombie doctors after one of them accidentally infected himself with the virus and ofcourse bite the others. With his bff and one brave volunteer from the remaining doctors, they brace themselves and go to the dangerous wing to take the virus. Another "pac man session" with the zombies here but Gerry made it to the virus lab and injected himself with some virus. After the injection, the virus somehow worked as a camouflage from the zombies making Gerry invisible to them. The surviving doctors create a vaccine from the pathogen and spread it to the world for those who survived. The movie ended with scenes of zombies burnt, human survived and Gerry saying "this is just the beginning.."

Brad Pitt as the one and only strong character act really well, he successfully play it cool like normal family man who appear more brainy then die hard type and in every scene he appeared more like normal human rather than hero, which make the movie more on the enjoyable side rather then annoying. And yes, he look handsome, cool, manly, and cute but he also look old..he needs some eyebags removal procedures LOL..

Okay I'm done with my review, hope you enjoy this post! Here one picture to please your eyes! U're welcome :)

Ciao :*

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