Monday, June 10, 2013

The expat chick thoughts on: After Earth

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Sorry for being MIA! Not a very good sign for a new blogger heh?! Anyway, back with a movie review..this time is After Earth. Don't get me wrong (as a self acclaimed movie buff) I did watched the other blockbusters this past weeks , Fast&Furious6, Hangover 3 and one of not so blockbuster, history inspired Emperor (courtesy of my hubby who ask forced me to watch), but don't feel like all 3 needed reviews or thoughts though..they're entertaining but easily forgetable..
Okay back to the title, honestly I didn't expect much from After Earth..I told my husband (my movie partner in crime) that Will Smith should stop doing this solo acting in movies already..I know he's good acting by himself, doing everything by himself but he just really need to stop..C'mon I Robot, I am legend, and now After Earth..And the trailer didn't thrill me either, to me it look like a bullshit sci fi movie that I will watch only to mock every scene LOL and to top it M.Night Syahmalan directs this movie..Seems like a very easy combo for a flop movie BUT! gotta be honest here, I like it well okay kinda love it..

The movie set on (a few?) century after human destroyed earth and have to find other place to reside (Nova Prime planet or something) where a "legendary" ranger Cypher (Will Smith) and his family lives. Cut long story short father and son Kitai (Jaden Smith) was on their way to a training to somewhere (sorry I didn't really take note on the cinema what's all this planets name) and crash landed on (guess where) Earth! Earth to them is a destroyed, dangerous and a place where human no longer belong. In order for them to get help to their planet, they must/need/have to shoot signal from a rescue beacon which is located in the tail of the ship which is scattered 100km away from where they crash landed..Gosh, I hope you guys understand me!
Since both Cypher's legs are broken, he had to guide his son Kitai to the beacon and to save both of them. Also with them on earth is fear obsessed alien (Ursa) they carry with them on the plane..This alien smell and sense fear and kill people with it..This is where the excitements begin..It really is just Kitai's adventure to go to the beacon..He find and learn new things from all the challenges he experienced along the way until he found the beacon, fight the alien and get both him and his dad home safely..
Now, I don't know if you guys catch it or not, but this movie is full of scientology doctrines that Smith is known for years now..I'm not into scientology but some of the doctrines Smith try to pass on is just plain sincere and beautiful.
Okay now this is my thoughts, the rescue beacon is like our purpose, something we really want to have/pursuit (our dreams perhaps)..and to get there is not easy. There's going to be challenges, people or even yourself or your mind try to bring you down (Kitai's adventures along the way)..But keep going and be persistent one day you will get there if you believe..Your mind here is playing a very big the fear obsessed alien who I think symbolize our own mind dragging us down with fear and negativity..and like what Cypher told Kitai

"danger is very real, but fear is a choice"

Again this my thoughts, fear is just our mind playing with us telling us we can't do it, we won't be able to make it..and this is all not real..focus on the happy thoughts. Focus on our purpose and our dreams then like Kitai defeated the alien (us defeat our fears), he can reach the beacon (and we can reach our dreams)..So yeah, that's why I like the movie that's how I saw it..It's not just entertainment but it gives me something to think about and something to remind me of this pursuit of dreams human have (c'mon don't tell me you didn't read The Alchemist)..
Well critics and reviews have totally make up their mind that this movie is the worst movie in 2013, but probably that is because they only see the first layer of the movie..I don't know whatever..But if you haven't watch this, try to cause I really think it's interesting and quite entertaining too! Jaden Smith is one hella good actor I must admit. He will be big (or he already is?)..
Okay, now who excited for this?!!! This weekend first thing to do! I' ll sure do a blogpost about this!


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