Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Expat Chick DIY: Make Up Brush Holder and Multifunction Jars

Hi Guys,

Do you like to burn candles and wondering what to do with the left over jars? Ya exactly, me too! I've been thinking what I wanna do with my leftover jars and come up with this makeup brush holder (which I really really need) and this multi function jars you can use for storing candies, accessories, cotton pads or anything you want..So here it is, enjoy!

Here are the items you need:
  1. My left over jars are from Slatkin & Co candles (Bath&Body Works candles), they come with the stainless steel lid (you can use whatever candle jars you have)
  2. Crystal Beads bought from Art Friend ($11.90)
  3. Super Glue ($3.40)
  4. Scissors 
  5. For the cute decoration, choose anything you like..this later on will function as the handle of your multifunction jar.
Step by step how to:

1. Once your candles' wicks reach the ends normally there will still be a little bit of wax left, to remove them easily for me the best method is to freeze 'em so that we can easily crack the wax later on. Pop them in the fridge for 2 days (the more the better) or at least  overnight. 

2. After a day or 2 in the fridge, pop them out. Take your scissors and stab them in the middle of the wax (image no.1), then open the scissors up (image no.2) and stab 'em on the sides of the wax. Move the scissors a bit and pull the wax out (image no.3). This is where the period of time the jars in the fridge counts..the more them in there, the more easier to do this..If your wax is really stubborn and won't come up when you pull, just crack and break them using the scissors. Then you can remove it from the jar. 

2b. Don't throw the leftover wax away, keep them in a plastic bag because you can still burn them in aromatherapy pot..

2c. If you find that your wick is still stuck in the bottom after all the wax are out, no worries just use the tip of the scissors to scrap it out..should be pretty easy..

3. Peel off all the labels, after the freezing this should be pretty easy as well..

4. Give the jars a wash (if sticky residue is stubborn, don't worry!)

5. For stubborn sticky residue, use cotton pad with some nail polish remover to wipe them off..

6. For the brush holder, pour in the crystal beads about half to three quarters of the jar..

7. For the multifunction jar, clean the stainless steel lids with soap and damp cloth. Stop here if you think the lid and clean jar is functional enough, you can use it to store anything you like. But I want to make it pretty by adding cute decoration on top, I choose this bamboo shoot Sonny Angel (click here for overloaded cuteness), glue the feet and hold it in place for a few minutes..It looks cute and function as a handle so opening and closing the jars is much easier..

And that is all! So easy and cheap but it is really satisfying and make me super happy to reuse, repurpose and diy things that is not just useful but also look pretty on my vanity..

Before (Look how sad my brushes look, yup I use towel to lay them around)

After! So pretty and now my brushes are happily organized!

Here are my angels enjoying the leftover wax burning on my pot :)

Hope you guys enjoy this post! Ciao!

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