Monday, May 20, 2013

The Great Gatsby and The Ultimate Bitch Daisy

Hi Guys,

As always, my favorite time of the week is catching movie with my hubby..this week ofcourse it's The Great Gatsby.
Well, how do I say this..I watch this only for the sake of The Great Gatsby and the fact that Miuccia Prada is part of the costume! And yes the costumes are amazingggg (Prada never disappoint), all the characters are like coming from magazine spread or something and the 1920s setting in the whole movie are soo soo beautiful, elegant and just so amusing for my eyes. I did found myself wow a few times during the movie.

I never read the book and never watch the vintage version of the movie so I don't know the characters at all. But here it is from what i see, this movie is about this guy Jay Gatsby (Leo), a visionaire, naive, ambitious and freakin' rich but also mysterious, despite that he's throwing super lavish and glamour weekly parties in his mansion nobody knows who he really is, how he make his fortune and where he came from..some don't even know what he looks like..and everybody been wondering why he had these lavish parties for no apparent reason. I think Leo is born for this roll! He's amazing!

 Nick Carraway (Tobey Mcguire), a wannabe writer who choose to be a wallstreet broker for the money. Daisy Buchannan's cousin and Gatsby's neighbour and later become Gatsby's bff/helper/sidekick. Tobey is Peter Parker no matter in what movie he's in..

The ultimate bitch Daisy Buchanan (Carey Mulligan), a materialistic, fickle, shallow, beautiful girl whose Gatsby fall in love deeply with..After watching the movie, you will hate her! HATE! Bitch! (sorry, I really need to let that out from my chest) I got no idea why Gatsby deeply in love with her..sigh..stupid dupid Gatsby..Anyway I feel like Carey is disappointing in this movie..
Tom Buchanan, Daisy's husband, rich, complete jerk and a womanizer.

I'm going to cut the long story short and go straight to the point (but it's impossible to cut the story short there's so many important points i need to tell), young Gatsby fall in love with Daisy and ask her to wait for him while he went to war. Daisy promise to wait but one fine day she decide to marry this Tom Buchanan obviously because he's filthy rich (he gave her $350.000 strings of pearls as a wedding gift and its 1920's so imagine how rich he is).

Gatsby who is so deeply in love with Daisy, strive to get himself wealthy (I don't really know how tho). Succesfully wealthy, he then bought a mansion across Buchanan's mansion so that he could be close to Daisy. Throwing big parties only to hope one day Daisy get curious and come to the party. Of course that never happen, until one day Gatsby found Nick Carraway, a new neighbour who happens to be Daisy's cousin. Nick who later on discover Gatsby's love for Daisy began to help him meeting Daisy and guard their secret meetings.

Daisy fall short back to Gatsby and together they plan to be together, but one day when they decide it's a good time to tell Tom that Daisy never loves him and have always love Gatsby all this time and want to leave Tom, the bitch with her fickleness and materialistic mind decide to choose Tom over Gatsby which leads to the fall of Gatsby.

After watching, I feel sorry for Gatsby. How he is so blindly in love made him strive for his dreams to become super wealthy only to win the love of his life back..but how he is so naive he couldn't see the bitch he love dearly is not even worth his love and sacrifice..sad story..

The review for this movie is not really good, a lot of reviews I read really put Baz Luhrmann in the corner..well I kind of agree, I think he put more effort to make us believe that the movie is set on the 1920s then putting more effort on the story itself.
There are so many beautiful scene but my favorite is gotta be this one
Picture just don't do any judgement for the scene, I love all the scene in this room.! I don't mind my room looking like this! So happy and pretty..

Okay, I'm done and leave you with this beautiful pic of Leo..


  1. terrible grammar, but nice post overall

  2. ["Tobey is Peter Parker no matter in what movie he's in.."]

    That is not Tobey Maguire's fault. It's yours.

  3. You really should read the book. And try not to judge the characters without consideration for the era in which they lived.
    I would not judge my great grandmother for staying in a bad situation that a woman today would have community support in escaping. Everything in relative. Even Daisy can be sympathetic and Jay is no saint. Jay Gatsby is as much a product of society as Daisy Buchanan is. He believes money and status measures true worth, and that he most achieve that in order to hold any worth as a human being. He is sympathetic, but no more than Daisy - who is not to be unjustly despised for simply being a product of her upbringing and abusive relationship with her husband.

    1. Hi Tori,

      Thanks for reading and for the comment :) Sorry, I haven't read the book but this is just my honest opinion from the character portrayed in the movie..I'm really confused with Daisy, if her husband is abusive and a cheating jerk why she still choose him over Gatsby? Just because the money and power?