Friday, May 17, 2013

Wanted Fuschia!

Hi Guys..

I've been really in a hunt for a pretty fuschia/hot pink lipstick and I did go to various cosmetics counters to swatch the colors only to find myself chicken out the last minute and decide to walk away..This other voice in my head goes like "you'll never wear'll end up in the bottom of your makeup bag like your russian red lipstick!" or "guurll your skin is too yellow-y for fuschia, you'll look funny!" oh and my favorite "bitch please you wouldn't dare to pull out hot pink lips look!" Well I think she's right I dont really feel like the girl who can pull bright lipstick for everyday but I really want to tryyyyy it..soo here it is a quick post of bright lips to encourage me and show you guys how really fun and pretty fuschia lips are..



Hehe I'm not exactly angmoh (eurasian) so here proof asian can do fuschia/bright lip too!
Damn gurl, it's Song Hye Gyo leh she can wear blue lipstick and still look hot!

One of my fave beauty guru Jen
Images via tumblr
 SO mental note to myself (and you too if you want to try this), the key to this bright lip is a simple eyemakeup (or even bare eyes) and other makeup on the skin should be kept to a minimum. The only main focus is the bright lips
 so that your face doesn't look like a coloring book lol..

My choice of fuschia are these two
Left: Maybelline Vivids Lipstick in Hot Pink S$14.30
Right: MAC Candy Yum Yum S$29
Maybe I'm going to brace myself (chill gurl, it's only lipstick) this weekend and just pick up the maybelline one since it doesn't cost a bomb and I tried it before it's matte and the consistency is really good too, will post my pic with my fuschia lips next to Song Hye Gyo when I finally bought mine hehehehe..

Ciao! (Oh and yesssss it's finally Friday!)

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