Monday, May 13, 2013

Vulcans Never Lies

Hi Guys,

Finally I went to see Star Trek Into Darkness last Saturday and as expected I like it BUT I don't love it!I'm just so happy to finally be able to see Spock's face again (ooh and the old Spock too!). Oops if you haven't see it or if you don't like me to spoil your Star Trek experience I suggest you to click previous posts  or get out lol..Btw, I'm not a hardcore creep who knows anything and everything about StarTrek archival so let's just enjoy the movie without having to remember or compare it to the ancient Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan 
Starting with a somewhat look like terrorist attacks by a mysterious guy that leads the organization to assign Capt Kirk and USS Enterprise (who else?!) to a man-hunt only to find out that they are only used as a middle man to clean up somebody's mess..I'm fine with the story, there's nothing so futuristic about it but I'm quite happy they put some kind of twist to the plot.
What I really enjoy watching is this two characters! Love the solo villain John Harisson aka Khan (Benedict Cumberbatch), he really did a good job being mysterious but cool and full of terror in his face and voice in the same time. See his eyes there? It's like they're so full of not so good intentions, like once you see him you know he's up to no good!
And Spock, (btw, I can't help it I need to put the handsomest Zachary Quinto pic i ever seen here and u're welcome) one of my favorite character from my childhood that I really love to see come back to life! Which kid can forget a man with big pointed ears, straight cut eyebrows with funny stupid looking bangs? At least not me! He is still the same old vulcan that somehow force to dig his half inner human more in this movie, watch out for his smart sarcasm lines in the movie. They are trying too hard to make him show more emotion, but the one he cry in the end when ***k (hehe at least I try to not spoil so much) died is a good one! I also secretly cried :'( :'(
My favorite scene :'(
Okay now, moving on to what I don't really like about the movie. This guy right here! Kirk is too die hard and all around hero type of thing and that makes him really annoying!
Overall I love how every character play their roles in the movie except for Uhura (I don't really think she did anything at all except talking the alien language at Kronos). Scotty save Enterprise's ass big time and get quite a lot of scenes towards the end, Sulu play captain for a little while and Chekov don't really see him that much in the movie actually, but better than Uhura at the very least he save Kirk and Scotty somewhere near the end.
In my opinion, the starting scene in Nibiru is actually not important and a waste of budget really, nobody cares about that part! They can just start with the big terrorist attack and everything will be the same..However I'm quite entertain by how creepy looking people of Nibiru really need to see it by yourself especially when they blink..
Last but not least, I felt absurd not posting USS enterprise pic so here's one for ya!
And here's another one hoping this weekend everybody get spockified!

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