Monday, May 6, 2013

3 Movies in a week

Hi guys,

So last week me and my husband watch not 1 not 2 but 3 movies, I feel a bit guilty 3 movies (1ticket is 10$x2pax3times) but I can justify myself and blame the labor's day holiday last wednesday for a reason to go out and end up in cinema watching movies..

The first one is..

Okay I know I'm so late to give review for this movie now since everybody must have watch it already but whatever..Storyline wise pretty much predictable, you know the hero was defeated at first but somehow he get up on his feet and strikes back..something like that..but put a red iron suit with rocket feet and genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist attitude and boom long queue for tickets, sold out everywhere, everybody raving about box office.

Don't get me wrong I really do enjoy the movie until somebody decide that Pepper Potts should be the real hero of this last (I'm not sure if this true) Iron Man movie. Not that I'm against girl power or something it's just that I find this is too cheesy to be put as an ending especially if you watch the epic, complicated, almost never ending battle between the Iron Man and the Extrimist then suddenly Pepper come out of nowhere when she suppose to be dead (she fell to a fire or something, oh and I kinda already guess when they show her fell to her fake death somehow she will survive because they inject her with the virus thingy) and boom boom shoot the bad guy and that's it..seriously?!

My fave part is when Tony is fighting against Killian's men and obviously killing everybody (d'oh he have the super weapon in his palm) and one of them say "Don't shoot..I hate them I think they all weird"I thinks it's just a nice comedic touch in the middle of a serious battle lol :D

The second one is..

I honestly have very low expectations for this movie, selling only Gerard Butler to me it's just not enough for this movie to be huge (not even convinced with Aaron Eckhart and Morgan Freeman as his sidekick). Story is about Banning (Butler), an ex secret service who had the chance to redeem himself from his past mistake to the president in a surprise attack done by a bunch of Korean hardcores lead by Kang (the main bad guy) who want to unite South and North Korea and destroy America.


Don't worry Aaron, Gerard got you!

But oh boy I was wrong, it was really good, enjoyable action movie that actually worth my 10 bucks! Although I don't buy that White House can be so easily attack like they did in the movie but c'mon girl it's only a movie leave Gerard alone! Some website reviews I read even say this movie is better than Die Hard!

My only concern (totally acting like I'm one of the rotten tomatoes guys) is the scene with the madam secretary (forget what's her name and lazy to google -_-') I don't know bout you guys but I think they made her struggle a bit too dramatic and too much especially when they drag her out from the bunker.

Conclusion is I really recommend this movie for those of you who is still sour in the cinema waiting to get the Iron Man 3 tickets, go put your $$ on this movie..for ladies Aaron Eckhart look really handsome in this movie, oh and Dylan McDermott is also act in the movie but really he's pretty much invincible and forgettable here!

The last one is..

I tell my husband I want to watch this just because I haven't seen Halle in a while in movies..

This thriller is about Jordan, a 911 operator who in one fine day pick up a call from a girl who is in panic reporting about intruder inside her house. Cut long story short Jordan small mistake cost the girl her life and this haunts Jordan ever since.

A few months later she received a call from an abducted girl that remind her about the haunting call, after a lot of attempts to find and save the girl fails, she jump in and decide she really need to go the extra mile to save her ..
Yup, I'm the hero!
Conclusion, I enjoy this movie it successfully making me groggy watching Halle save the day..
So, hope you enjoy this post and see you in other movie post, I'm so excited and can't wait for Star Trek into darkness next week!

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  1. Doh! As a woman and the world wanting emancipation, you should be proud the hot Pepper Potts became the hero although it was caused by genetic modification which later on "fixed" anyway, I wouldn't say a hero, but more of a saviour

    "Dylan McDermott is also act in the movie but really he's pretty much invincible and forgettable here!"

    do you mean invisible?