Sunday, May 5, 2013

Hellooww there..

Hi guys..

My first post ever! Woohoo me!! I've been reading and stalking blogs since they exist and been wanting to have my own but you know being a true gemini (other gemini pls dont kill me, probably its just me) i always have this 'sometimes I want it so bad, sometimes it's like hell no, I'm good just reading people's blogs' type of thing, but really lately I have this urge to just get the hell with it and start before the other chick in my brain take control again!

This blog mainly about me (d'oohh) and things that I normally have my nose in, things i like, things i love, things i think it's fashion, food, movies or just life in general..Recently Most All of the time i have so many comments about a lot of stuff (who doesn't right?) and think it'll be great and healthier for my brain if I can share them out (beside to my annoyed husband who alot of times tell me "shut up la babe, can't you don't comment so much on everything or not?!" *insert cry emoticon here, the most dramatic one pls!*

Here's a quick intro..My name is June Tan (just picked up the last name exactly today last month), I'm a an Indonesian lives in Singapore for almost 3 to 4 years now and just married to a great Singaporean guy whose very sceptic about me being a blogger (boo you babe!)..

Enough me rambling about this stuff and let's kick start this little blog :)

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