Friday, June 28, 2013

The Expat Chick goes to Bangkok!

Hi Guys! Thought I'm going to share some interesting snippets from my short but sweet getaway..Hubbs take me to Bangkok for my birthday, to do the two of my most favorite things, eating and shopping. It's my fifth time in Bangkok, so I know exactly what I wanna eat, what I wanna do and where I wanna go..Kudos to dearest hubby who is very patient and totally cooperative (read: paying my crap, waiting for me to shop and help me carry my shopping bags) during this trip, love you :*
wizard of oz
Best flight ever! Thai food and wizard of oz!
Tom Yum Kung
What i eat all day everyday, obviously!
Mango and sticky rice
What I snack, all day everyday (d'oh!)
Cool Female Toilet
Cutest toilet ever, yes?
Cool Male Toilet
"&" Restaurant at Asiatique
Yunomori Onsen and spa
Birthday spa! Best come after too much shopping ;)
Yunomori Onsen and spa menu professional, cheap and goood!
Riding tuktuk and fresh manicure
Prettiest tuktuk driver, yes!
Thai authentic Coconut Icecream
Authentic coconut icecream! So yumm..

Siam Square night market
Photo painting on tshirt at siam square nite market

quirky art in catuchak
Quirk artwork at Catuchak weekend market
quirky art in catuchak
Cool art for the home
statue stall chatuchak
All kinds of Budha statue
cactus shop chatuchak
In Catuchak, they sell everything, all things! Even cactus!

I'm in vintage blouse heaven! 
Nice action, too bad the teatarik is not as good :(

Thai Omelette
My favorite breakfast! Thai Omelette
Shamlessly borrow the omelette seller chair and eat haha!

Pretty local sweets <3
How crazy real are these??! 
Givenchy doggy eating his breakfast
Thai Street Food
Fruit salad with tiny crabs? eekkk..
It's all about coral lips, leopard leggings, and camouflage crocs!
Super yummy noodle that all singaporean must eat when in Bangkok!!
Pretty ferris wheel at Asiatique
Waiting for cab, can't help to strike a "fashion blogger" pose
Number 1 shopping place: Definitely check out Pratunam Market (they open 5am-11am) before you go to Platinum wholesale mall/Siam Square/Shibuya wholesale because sometimes some of the stuff they have are the same for half or even lower price!

Number 1 tourist trap: TUKTUKs! If they know you're tourist, they will either jack up the price (which still cheaper for tourist lah but stupidly expensive from what it's suppose to be) or they will charge you super cheap and after you get in they will take you to random places like jade factory/tailor/honey factory/etc. The purpose of this is if you shop inside, they will get commission! So be careful with tuktuks, my advice take cab! cheaper, more comfortable and got aircon hehe..

Number 1 must check it out place: Right now probably Asiatique, since it's quite new and the concept is quite cool..outdoor night shops and restaurants..

Number 1 place I want to check out but do not have time yet: Sky Bar from the Hangover II !!!

Number 1 must eat: Thai food and drinks (I can't choose one because I'm greedy) Tomyum, mango and sticky rice, omelette rice, the bbq meatballs by the street, thai iced tea, bottled fresh ojs they sell on the streets everywhere, thai coconut, thai coconut icecream (yup, I'm definitely greedy!)

Number 1 must buy: Clothes and clothes and shoes (all!)

Number 1 must do: Shop ; Number 2 must do: EAT! ; Number 3 must do: Massage and spa! 

Number 1 singaporean tourist must go: This is new for me, my husband meet his friends in bangkok and they take us to this noodle shop in Pratunam Market. He said every singaporean must go eat and normally they will eat 2 portions of noodles. And yes, it's very very yummy, the noodles are baby butt soft and come with bunch of tasty toppings but the portion is very small (no wonder he say must eat 2 portions). Location of this noodle shop is so hard to describe leh must go there and show you one, but if you insist..find a temple (not big temple, house size temple) beside pratunam market and walk a few steps, if you walk from Pratunam direction should be on your left. If you come from Platinum mall/Shibuya mall direction it should be on your right..

I guess that's all the highlight of my trip..enjoy the post!


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